We are the only
Bandless Ear Muff to use
Thinsulate™ Insulation
We are the only Bandless Ear Muff to use Thinsulate™ Insulation
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Here's what some of our customers have to say about Ear Mitts® Bandless Ear Muffs:

Nothing keeps me warmer than my Ear Mitts! It's a fun and yet functional accessory that many people ask me about. And with the expanding color line, I find myself wanting more and more. And the Leopard Faux Fur ones are deliciously retro! Purr.
Colors Owned: Black Fleece, Brown Mink Faux Fur, Leopard Faux Fur
Jill - Lodi, OH October 24, 2006

Do you ever need models for ads/your site? I just received a pair of ear mitts. I'm in love with them. I just moved from South Florida to Connecticut and with all this snow they help alot. Great Product.
Carra - Connecticut December 9,2005

These are the best on the market. I started wearing them when they were called Earz.
Marilyn - Dracut, MA December 8, 2005

I live in the U.S. Virgin Islands and work in an office and really need your earmitts. You are probably saying "why?". Because my boss keeps the air-conditioning at 62 degrees!! I recently cut my hair short and now my ears hurt from the cold. I have to wear 3 sweaters while in the office because I do not own a winter coat. Our receptionist wears a full length winter coat every day. Our bookkeeper wears a plaid winter scarf with either a coat or multiple sweaters. Our boss wears long sleeves and a suit and tie most of the time and apparently gets hot and thinks he must keep the temperature at 62 degrees. I am sick of complaining and think I must do something since I cannot change my boss I need to dress warmer. How can I purchase these earmitts? Please help me out. Thank you.
Nancy - St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands August 8, 2005

These ear mitts are the best invention ever. Once you get the hang of putting them on, they stay on until you take them off. They're great for football games and keep my ears so warm. I've given lots as gifts, and people love them. They're so much better than ear muffs that suish your head. I love them. Vicki - Washington February 5, 2005

Got a number of pairs for Christmas gifts and everyone loved them. I just love mine. Had a bit of trouble with one of the pairs fitting too tightly but was looked after right away and had a replacement pair in a very resonable amount of time. Have been telling everyone about them.
Lynn G - Canada January 21, 2005

I just love these EarMitts. I have many colors and have given them as gifts. They're in all my coat pockets and in my purse. They keep my ears warm while I'm out shoveling the snow, even with sub-zero temps here in Spokane. I wear them to football games and they stay on, even with a lot of moving around. You just have to get the hang of putting them on correctly and then you're good to go.
Vicki - Washington January 17, 2005

These EarMitts are wonderful. Had them for a year. I get earaches easily and these are great without a hat or with for really cold times. For anyone working outdoors these will be excellent.
Lynn - Washington January 17, 2005

Have placed two orders for EarMitts with Wise Apparel and have been highly impressed with both the product and the service. January in Labrador is cold - EarMitts don't help the glide but they sure keep my ears warm when I'm out cross country skiing at -20.
Cathy J - Canada January 16, 2005

Love my EarMitts, especially the fact that there is no band to fight with. Have been asked about them almost everywhere I go. They are great. Recommend them to anyone who hates cold ears.
Barb N - Canada January 15, 2005

My Sister got me a pair as a gift. At first I had trouble getting them on my ear but after a few tries, NO PROBLEM. I just love my EarMitts and have 3 pairs and plan on getting more in other colors. I just pop them in my bag and whenever my ears are cold I pop them on. By the way I can do it with one hand. That's how easy they are to handle. They keep my ears toasty warm in single digit temps and when your ears are warm your head feels warm too. I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering buying them.
Debbie - New York January 12, 2005

I have worn these since they first came to HSN and my whole family benefits from them! My son wears them on his construction site outside in -40 degree weather. I wear them everywhere, my 85 year old mom wears them to protect her ears and the fragile skin on her ears. My grandkids wear them to school. Any one of any age can wear them and handle them easily. We all look for all the color choices because we know they not only feel good, they look good too! Thank you.
Jan - Iowa December 27, 2004

I always hated regular ear muffs with the band because they looked awful and they messed up your hair, but these are great. They really do stay on and keep your ears warm. You might have to practice getting it on right a few times but once you get the hang of it they are great.
Lisa - New York December 16, 2004

I was having trouble getting my six year old to wear a hat on cold, foggy mornings. Although "beanies" may be in for the teenagers, my little one doesn't like them and these have solved the problem of keeping his ears warm... without the fight. Great product and easy for kids to put them on themselves. I will also be buying a pair for my niece who cheers at high school football games (they don't mess her hair or fall off). We also have two family members in the military who will be getting them for Christmas. Great product all the way around!
Ronnica - California December 13, 2004

At first I was having some trouble getting the EarMitts to stay securely on my head; so I called HSN Customer Service and with their help and some suggestions from the manufacturer of EarMitts, I NOW CANNOT BELIEVE I couldn't follow the simple instructions included in the package. It was like a light bulb went off in my head... WOW! They now stay on so securely. I thought my ears were too small. I was just not getting my ear totally inside the EarMitt once I popped open the EarMitt. Customer service said to pop the EarMitt open -- you can hear it pop, put the EarMitt over the top and back of your ear, give the EarMitt a little wiggle so that your ear is securely inside the EarMitt, and then press the EarMitt gently against your head. My only problem is that my husband took my extra pairs to their construction site for work and now all the workers want them too. His fishing and hunting buddies also want a pair. I best get back on-line and order some more for my friends and relatives.
Adele - Texas November 27, 2004

In the winter months whilst outside by the lake checking on my plane, believe you me I need this product to keep my ears from freezing but still be able to hear. It doesn't hurt you and you don't get hat hair, too. My mother liked how they worked so I gave her the second pair.
Karen - Ohio November 13, 2004

I love these ear muffs. They are so comfortable and are easy to put on. The cold air stays out and they feel like warm hands covering your ears. They are definitely great for the whole family.
Marian - Washington November 6, 2004

Hey Brad! It is snowing here in Lubbock and once again the Earmitts have saved my life! Hope you are doing well and not working too hard! When is the next TV appearance?
Katie - Lubbock, Texas November 2, 2004

I have these in all colors and wouldn't leave the house in winter without them. You can even wear earrings with them. This is the greatest "ear muff" invention yet. No messy hair, which is why I bought them in the first place!
November 2, 2004

I love these ear mitts! They work great even when you have your hood up on your coat. No air gets in your ears. I would recommend them to everyone. I try to keep a pair in every coat pocket. They also make great gifts.
Janice - Ohio October 28, 2004

I have bought these for both my grandchildren and husband. They keep them with them wherever they go, especially in the Minnesota winters. Neither of them feel these are too sissy to wear and enjoy them greatly.
Lis - Minnesota October 28, 2005

I use my 'EarMitts' everywhere and love them. My neighbor, and friend, couldn't figure out what to give me for a gift. Then she saw an advertisement for these, I don't know where, and thought 'She wears earmuffs, this would be a great gift. And it was. I just love them.
Rose B. - Blue Ridge Summit, PA October 18, 2004

Hi Brad, just thought I would let you know we sold 7 pair this week and it is not even cold yet. I think we sell more due to a better display and I taught both of our part-time cashiers a couple of good points such as the quality Thinsulate adds and your new packaging and colors are great. We sold two pair to a crocodile hunter yesterday. How crazy! Hope you are well and I'll see you soon with an order.
Doug - Auto Spa, Dallas, Texas November 1, 2003

They were given to me as a gift from a fellow climber who got tired of hearing me whine about having cold ears in the morning. they're great in that they fit so close to your head that they don't get in the way when you're reaching up. You might want to contact some of the climbing/outdoor shops in the east bay - especially in Berkeley.
sfotter in California, August 9, 2003

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I love the Ear Mitts I've used of yours since last Fall. I have to admit at first I was VERY skeptical that they would work (stay in place and be warm enough)...but they have been TERRIFIC! I used them last fall and again this spring as I tentatively made my way outside from the warm security of the spinning classes. They really DO stay in place, keep my ears toasty AND have an added bonus of muffling my labored breathing as I plug away at the miles. :) Yet, most importantly I can still hear oncoming traffic to stay alert for the occasional crazy driver. I think they were given as a free sample by the Leukemia & Lymphoma society... any way I have been grateful ever since. As a triathlete, who rarely "dotes" on oneself.......I feel like a princess! Hope your endeavor has been a grand success!!!
Thank you.
Toasty in Maine, April 22, 2003

My friend is back from the Netherlands, and said the Ear Mitts were wonderful! He didn't expect it to be cold there (why, I don't know) and really dismissed the mitts as a nice gift, but that he would probably not use them. He got there and it was freezing. He is a country singer, and has to wear a hat, so regular earmuffs just wouldn't work. He said the Ear Mitts were perfect. They had an outdoor performance and he said he even mentioned what he was wearing onstage.
Tim, April 16, 2003

My oldest daughter, Amber, wore the Eggplant Ear Mitts to her track meet last night. The conditions were pretty bad - windy and very chilly. She had more people asking her about where they could get some Ear Mitts and how much they cost. Even had some boys asking her from Celina! Thanks for making such a great product.
Kent C. , Farmersville, Texas March 21, 2003

The Ear Mitts were great on my glacier trek. I discovered that my Great Gloves! are even warm when they are soaking wet. I went on a ocean kayak trip that ended up with me soaking wet...
Joey in Argentina, January 27, 2003

They are fantastic. They are actually better than I thought they would be! I'll get back to you in the future to order some more. I think I'm getting the girls at work interested. Thanks...
Lynda in Australia August 20, 2002

I put them on my one year old who hates hats or anything else on his head. I was playing around with them and he wanted them on his ears. He spent all day going from house to house on Christmas day wearing his ear mitts. I think these are a great idea.
Wendy K, Aurora OH, January 2, 2002

I personally thank you for your mitts. I tell everyone they're the best on the market and less time consuming. Once again I thank you.
Bobbie M, Eagle Lake TX, December 9, 2001

I am desperately in need of three pairs of the Ear Mitts. I have walked the mall all evening and nothing! Then decided to come home and bingo...I got on my computer and found your website. I got my last pair from HSN, but they only have Red ones left. I need two pairs of Black ones and one pair of Red ones. I live in a town that doesn't have much to offer in the way of shopping. Please reply soon .... I love them!! They are perfect for motorcycle helmets. Thank you kindly. What a terrific invention.
Jo Ann Raines, November 10, 2001

Living in Dallas, I thought earmuffs were not a necessity, but being a competitive ice-skater, I have found the perfect set of Ear Mitts to keep my ears warm from the bitter cold of the ice-rink. The Bandless Ear Mitts stay on during my jumps, spins, and still allow me to hear my music very clearly. These Ear Mitts are a skating necessity for me and I recommend them to countless others. I love them, and you will too!
Christopher Jones, Competitive Figure Skater, Dallas TX, July 13, 2001

I usually start my serious training for the season when the weather gets brisk and breezy and the weather changes daily. My workouts often include running trails around White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas or cycling around the lake. But, I have a solution for this unseasonably changing weather: wearing a pair of Ear Mitts Bandless Ear Muffs. They keep the early morning cold and the chilly winds coming off the lake out, and keep my ears cozy, warm, and cmfortable. They are so lightweight, that I sometimes forget that I even have them on. The great part about Ear Mitts, besides the wonderful colors they come in (they match all my workout gear), is that one size fits all because of their special patented construction. When the weather becomes nasty, my ears begin to feel as if they are going to fall off, unless I quickly take my Ear Mitts out of my warm-up jacket and slip them on. When my ears get warm, so does the rest of me. They certainly make training easier on that 10K Run or 40K Bike around the lake. And besides all of these great things about Ear Mitts, they work with any type of headgear, helmet or cap and allow me to train all year round.
Elizabeth Johnson, Ironman Hawaii and Ironman Lake Placid, NY Competitor, Dallas, TX, June 6, 2001

I received my bandless ear muffs manufactured by Ear Mitts and love them. I think they are the perfect cool weather cover up and ideal for my running activity. I have found them to be light, comfortable, warm and so easy to wear... even when I wear my earphones which keep me running to the beat. I would highly recommend them to anyone who resides in a cold weather location... easy on, easy off and works like a charm.
Sue Kaplan, Pioneer Valley Women's Running Club member, MA, May 18, 2001

I have been looking for a product to protect my sensitive ears, and the Ear Mitts Bandless Ear Muffs are just perfect. When Hilda Guerrero from Ear Mitts called about this product, I was not sure if they would work. So I bought a couple of samples, and to my surprise they were great. Now I wish I could find something to keep the rest of my body cozy and warm.
Cheryle, Nation Sporting Goods, Manchester, NH 03103 via internet, April 11, 2001

This has been one of the coldest winters in quite a while here in North Dakota. We have had wind chills as low as minus 60 degrees. I have been wearing my Ear Mitts [Bandless Ear Muffs] while walking the dog in the mornings, and they have kept my head warm enough in these temperatures even without a hat. I love my Ear Mitts!
Jayne Bertsch, S & S Promotional Group, Fargo, North Dakota, February 27, 2001

I just wanted to pass along to you and your compnay what a great product your Ear Mitts are. My wife got them for me to wear on those cold mornings on the golf course. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, the mornings are crisp with frost on the ground. Before the sun can thaw the grass and warm up the golf course, my ears were freezing! Your Ear Mitts are small and compact and do not take up any room in my golf bag. When I wear them, I am not conscious at all of wearing anything! I just feel warm ears.... Because they are so light-weight, they don't interfere with any activity during the golf game. My jealous golfing partners are all getting them now. Thanks again for good service and a great product.
Tom Olsen, Walnut Creek, CA via internet, January 9, 2001

Greetings and Happy New Year. I live in Lee's Summit Missouri. Lee's Summit is a southeast part of the Kansas City area. I had a wonderful pair of "ear mitts" 25 years ago, and through life, lost them about a decade ago. They were well loved and well worn. I searched and searched, but was unable to find anyone who knew what I was talking about--I got alot of funny looks when I described to retailers how the Ear Mitts stayed on my ears. I was delighted to find your ad in Redbook Magazine. I literally ran home to get on line and find your company to make my order. I could not help noticing that Missouri (and the Kansas City area) has no distributorship. I have a degree in business. Can we talk?
Laurie L. Williams via the internet, December 29, 2000

Please contact Brad Levinson at sgmarketinc@aol.com or
1-214-353-0882 or Toll Free 1-800-439-0883
during the hours of 9:00am and 4:30pm Central Time,
Monday through Friday for more information or to place your order.

We are the only Bandless Ear Muff with DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector
We are the only Bandless Ear Muff with DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector
Click the logo above to see more information about DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector
Styles and Colors
Black Fleece *
Navy Fleece *
Heather Grey Fleece *
Red Fleece
Pink Fleece *
Winter White Fleece *
Red/Black Fleece (Tartan)
Hunter Green Fleece *
Orange Fleece
Camouflage Fleece *
Black Mink Faux Fur *
Brown Mink Faux Fur *
Leopard Faux Fur *
Ocelot Faux Fur
Black Faux Leather
Brown Faux Leather
Black Sparkle *
Black Velvet
Camel Faux Suede *
Eggplant Faux Suede *
Black Fleece - USA
Navy Fleece - USA
Heather Grey Fleece - USA
Red Fleece - USA
Winter White Fleece - USA
  * Available in smaller size
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Black Fleece - Diamond
Black Fleece - Heart
Black Fleece - Star
Pink Fleece - Diamond
Pink Fleece - Heart
Pink Fleece - Star
Denim - Diamond
Denim - Heart
Denim - Star
Black Velvet - Stud

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